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This training covers preparation for Phase I of the PMS exam by covering International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The training process is carried out on the basis of the program of the "State Examination Center". The training program includes:

  •  Introduction to International Accounting Standards Conceptual Foundations of Financial Reporting
  • Presentation of financial statements (IAS No. 1)
  •  Land, buildings and equipment (IAS No. 16)
  •   Expenses on debts (IAS No. 23)
  •   State Subsidies (IAS No. 20)
  • Investment property (IAS No. 40)
  •  Agriculture (IAS No. 41)
  •   Intangible assets (IAS No. 38)
  • Impairment of Assets (IAS No. 36)
  •  Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations (IFRS No. 5)
  • Reserves (IAS No. 2)
  • Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors (IAS No. 8) Fair Value Measurement (IAS No. 13)
  • Estimated liabilities, Contingent liabilities and Contingent assets (IAS No. 37) Events after the reporting period (IAS No. 10)
  •  Financial instruments (IFRS No. 9) Financial instruments Disclosure of information (IFRS No. 7)
  •  The effect of changes in foreign exchange rates (IAS No. 21)
  • Revenues from contracts with customers (IFRS No. 15)
  • Leases (IFRS No. 16)
  •  Profit tax (IAS No. 12)
  • Earnings per share (IAS No. 33)
  • Cash flow statement (IAS No. 7)
  • Consolidated financial statements (IFRS No. 10)
  •  Consolidated profit and loss statement (IFRS No. 10)
  • Investments in subsidiaries and joint ventures (IAS No. 28)
  •  Accounting Law and Regulations



Babek Badalov - Our trainer for PMS - Professional Accounting Certification I stage, IAB Accounting International Standards, ICFM Financial Manager and Financial Analytics, Professional Internal Audit, International Financial Reporting Standards Certificates and DIM Professional Engineer, who has 18 years of rich work experience in the field of finance, accounting is the owner of asib Certificates.

Elvin Hasanov - Elvin Hasanov, who is the author of accounting, IFRS book, has 13 years of experience in high positions in the financial field and is currently giving our students PMS - Professional Accounting Certification exam preparation training. In the last sessions, 90% of its students achieved successful results, obtained a PMS certificate, and took 1st and 2nd places in the country.