Structured Query Language (Structured Query Language) is a programming language used in programming and designed for managing data stored in a database.


  • Writing SQL queries from scratch
  • Creating, changing the structure of tables, indexes and other objects, canceling them
  • Ability to work with functions available in Oracle version 12c – Substr, Instr, Nvl, Trim, Replace, Reverse, Sum, Min, Max, Avg, Row_number, Rank, Lag, Lead, Listagg and so on.
  • Introduction to PL/SQl, creating blocks, variable types
  • Creation of procedures and functions
  • Ability to work with trigger and cursor
  • Improving the leg of building the algorithm through the practices we do
  • Familiarity and preparation for z0-071 International Oracle SQL certification exam.


Training period: 3 months



Javid Asadullayev